Yay! Shopping!!!

Just a quick note for this afternoon...

I REALLY REALLY love shopping. Its probably about the most fun EVER. I miss the days of being a kid and having ten dollars meant I could buy the world!

Anyways, went out with Mama Champ today and she helped me LOAD up on inventory for Little Champ. It was SO much fun to go around and try to find NEW things to make my own! We both found some great new items - and I'm SO excited to get going on them. I know you're dying to know what kinds of things are in the future for this little shop, so here's a list:
  • Bulletin Boards (look for them at Learning Express, too!)
  • American Girl-sized Doll Bed
  • Smaller wine glasses :: the ones I currently sell are gargantuan. in fact, the recipient of one recently said he felt like a "king" holding it! ;)
  • red glass ornaments
  • shaped mirror ornaments
We're also throwing around some new ideas, too. Oh man, some of the items we thought of over our "business lunch" (Houlihans... mmm) today just automatically spark inspiration for me!
By the way, Mama Champ is OFFICIALLY a business partner in the Little Champ venture now! Congrats to both of us on that one - ha!

Okay, there's a mountain of laundry to put away before I can begin playing with all these fun new items, so time to get crackin' so the fun "work" can begin! woo!

Have a super Champ-tastic Night!
Oh, PS - thanks to the ETSY D-LISTERS TEAM for all their kind words on my blog lately :) Makes me all warm and fuzzy and extra smiley :D


  1. I love it that your Mom is supporting your venture!! Its always nice to have someone close to you who believes and is willing to help you out to get your ball rolling!!

  2. its very nice and supportive of her! she's great. it also adds some pressure, though!
    which i think is why i'm having a hard time getting into the artsy mindset today. its not just my money at stake now!