Better than Yesterday...

There was something not quite right with me yesterday. I still can't put my finger on it.. all I know is that its GONE! Which means I was much more productive today - woohoo!

I now have:
FOUR bulletin boards painted and ready for their photo shoots.
1 "Bears" beer mug ready to be baked, photos, and its actually already sold!
1 "Bears" ornament already sold, but needing photos
1 pair of Tuxedo and Gown wedding champagne flutes to bake, photo, list
3 angel ornaments to photograph and list

phew! I also FINALLY figured out a solution to my bulletin board issues. I didn't realize I had SEAL the cork before painting on it. Too bad I didn't realize that until after I used up a few paint pens. oops. Live and learn! Now I know for the future and I can crank these bad boys out like crazy now.

Also, here's a few treasuries for you to check out:
Here Come the Hawks - Chicago Blackhawks themed collection - made by me!
In Loving Colour - Colorful LOVE themed collection - featuring my bright mini wall hanging!

Have a Champ-tastic night, everyone <3
Tomorrow is the last day of my "stay-cation" from the toystore. I'm getting tired of being home, sure, but its been really nice, too!


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