I'm stuck on Duct Tape!

Sorry I've been MIA for a while here. Working to find balance in my life when it comes to kicking off my own business. Turns out, there aren't enough hours in a day for everything I want and need to get done... go figure!

Anyways, I'm still working on painting items, but I've begun to venture out a bit, too... check out these photos for a look at my latest creation!!
starting off - a roll of purple duct tape and some really bright fleece (look familiar? its the same stuff my biz card holder was made of!)

check it out! a duct tape wallet that can hold a checkbook?! AND has fabric lining/accents?

room for FIVE credit/gift cards and an ID slot with window (i don't have the ID pushed all the way down, its actually straight, i promise!)

see... ID window :)

cash pocket with fleece lining behind credit card slots

wait, you need another pocket in your wallet? okay, here's one behind the checkbook too ;)

checkbook and its fancy cover with fleece lining

nifty pocket for the back of the checkbook to slide into!
Soooo what do we think?! I'm totally digging it and used it today. Its very user-friendly and held up well in my satchel of a purse. So far I've gotten feedback that these wallets need some sort of change area, which i'm working up a solution for. I'm also thinking of creating a small clutch purse maybe with a matching mini wallet - perfect for going out with, right?! ;)

Basically, this was a BLAST and a half. omg. I was SO into it. I measured every piece of my current wallet to figure out dimensions and was shocked that it all worked on first try! I pretty much used half a roll of duct tape, because I didn't plan things before I started, so I ended up having to cover some spots a few times, but I think I'd be able to whip a few of these bad boys out in no time.

Also, in non-etsy/little champ related news... we got a new kitchen table and I love it. Here's a photo of our crappy one from Ikea that only 2 people could sit at - and it has plastic chairs...

and now the pretty new homey one:
SUCH a difference, right?! its great. we're getting rid of the fish tank and that other table in the background this weekend. Is it weird that a table makes us feel like grownups? ;)

Alrighty, time to think up my next duct tape creation, and watch the BLACKHAWKS kick some butt!!
Have a Champ-tastic weekend!!
**just a quick edit** its flannel, not fleece that i used. i'm not sure WHAT i was thinking when i wrote all of that! ooops!


  1. OMG!!! I LOVE the wallet!! I would get so tangled up in it!! And I like your new table, too!! Doesn't it give a grown up feel to your house?! ;)

  2. Thanks! :) I really like how it turned out. I feel it was a success, yay! And trust me, i did get tangled a few times...

    and the table totally changes the whole feel of our place... its crazy.

  3. the wallet rocks! Love your new table!

  4. Too cute! Love your color selection.