A Storms a-brewin'...

No need to take cover, though... its just some brain-storming that I've been doing lately. :)

I already have a few items that I've been working on that haven't been posted on my Etsy Shop yet, but I'm always trying to think of new items. Mostly, I'm trying to think of items that don't need to be custom/special order only.
One of my ideas is to come up with some sort of "card" (I use the term loosely since I have no clue what I mean by that ha!) that I can do up every letter of the alphabet a few times over and customers can just purchase the letters they like. This would obviously be better at craft shows rather than for online selling. But I'm just trying to think if its even possible or desirable.

Also, a coworker of mine gave me the idea of making some of my canvas blocks without letters - peace signs, soccer balls, etc. I really like that idea. I think it'd be really cute to do an initial and a non-letter block on either side. Something like: [soccerball] [R] [football]; [peace sign] [A] [heart]; [baseball] [B] [baseball glove]
I really think these would be pretty popular. It'd also be good for older kids, who may not want their whole name on their bedroom walls.

In other, non-craft related news - ITS HOCKEY SEASON! :)

The Blackhawks unfortunately lost their season opener, but tonight is their first home game, so I have faith that they'll rock it. I love this sport so much!!

Hope you're having a Champ-tastic weekend!!

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