Experimentation... please turn into Motivation!!

I have all the time in the world right now - no work until Friday for me!
I have a huge stack of things I can be playing with and painting on!

And I have no inspiration or motivation.

However, I have these amazing procrastination skills that I learned in college, and I've been putting them to good use. Actually, I feel like these little creative experiments will help me find the motivation to work on the stack of worthwhile projects. :)

Here's a business card holder that I made out of some flannel I had laying around:

I don't own a sewing machine, so this bad boy is held together will just Tacky Glue. I'm pretty proud of it,though! The edges are straight and smooth, the cards ACTUALLY fit (bonus!) and this is a way better solution for carrying my cards around than the crumpled sandwich bag i was using.
No plans of making any more of these, except maybe one for Mama Champ to carry my cards in, too.

Speaking of my biz partner, there, she asked if I could draw tuxedos on champagne flutes for weddings while we were out shopping yesterday. So I thought I'd give it a try. keep in mind, this is scribbling coloring on a plastic flute. Its just something I did to play around...
I love the little shoes at the bottom! ;)
So of course I had to make a bride, too - which I actually just did on the opposite side of this one. I'm so sneaky, I know. The bride didn't come out as cute I don't think... but there's also a giant crack running the length of the cup, too.
I think these came out acceptable... I just don't feel like they're really MY style. Who knows though, I might give them a try one day...

Oh! I also started working on one of the mirror ornaments. Still not sure how that's going to turn out. Its shaped like an angel and I found a cute little bible verse to put on it. I'm not overly religious, but I felt an angel needed a little something along those lines ;)

Well, maybe a shower and some lunch will help me find some motivation... or will at least help me put it off for a while longer.

Hopefully you're having a motivated and inspired champ-tastic day!


  1. Love the bride and groom... your style or not they will sell!

  2. I love those glasses:) The shoes at the bottom are awesome!! I love that they look gorgeous but your were "just playing around"!! lol

    I love the business card holder...and glue!! that sounds like my kind of project!!
    I have a sewing machine but it hates me and the feeling is mutual!! I just made a curtain/blind for my dining room using that iron on tape stuff!! It turned out awesome and NO sewing required!!

  3. thanks gals! the more i look at them, the more i like them myself! :)
    megs - if you saw them up close you'd see all the wiggly lines, coloring out of the lines and scribbly coloring job. haha. ;) but thanks so much!

    and hooray for sew-free sewing projects lol. i'm too clumsy to be trusted around something as dangerous as a sewing machine!

  4. Love the biz card holder! I need one of those, and I don't sew either, so yay for showing me it can be done!

    Those glasses are cute too. I'm sure they would sell well even if it's not your style.. someone's always getting married hehe.