Linkity Link-Links!

Okay, so I'm pretty new to this whole "blogosphere" but I'm learning a lot and having a lot of fun - especially when it comes to visiting and reading OTHER blogs! Another person's blog entry can do so much for you - you can learn something new, share a laugh, build a connection with the blogger, or even be inspired to write in your own. Up until about two weeks ago (that's when I started this blog, right?) I didn't *get* blogs. I thought bloggers all just whined about the world in their blogs and expected to change the world that way. Thank goodness I was wrong!
I have no clue where that misconception came from, by the way, its just one of the reasons I've avoided blogging for so long - maybe it goes back to the days of livejournal and know that myself and many others DID use that as a place to just whine and moan about the world ;)

Anyways, I'm pretty picky about the blogs I'm choosing to "follow". Not like I put them through some sort of test or anything... I just want to make sure I'm going to ENJOY reading that blog if I follow it. So, I'd like to share some of my blog-findings with you!

Chasing Cars / Troll Bridge Studios
Crafty Critter: My Art and Craft-obsessed Musings
Designing Impressions - Confessions of a Compulsive Creator
Etsy Business Tips
Julie Ellyn Designs
Lovin' TheGoodOleDays - brand new blogger! give her some love ;)
Make Me Feel Good, Etsy
Megs Crochet Jewels
nerd JERK - Comics, Geekery and Junk
PinkyCrafts on Etsy: Diary of a Crafty Gal
Ponder & Stitch
SassyBelle's Spotlight
Stuff No One Told Me (but I learned anyway)
Vegan Craftastic

What do I like most about all of these blogs? One thing - they do their best to update regularly but not too much. I think that's one of the important things in blogging  life. Finding that balance between being TOO unavailable and being TOO in your face. I'm still playing around with my blogging style and posting times, but hopefully I'll find a good balance one of these days!

Well since I just shared a bunch of links, I'm going to share a few more - these ones are all me though!
Photo Catalog
Etsy Shop

Well that was fun - and I hope someone found a new blog or two to check out! :) Please feel free to leave links to your own or favorite blogs in the comments! Let's just make this post a big ol' mess of links to click!!

Have a Champ-tastic Friday and awesome weekend!!