It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas....

That's right, folks... 82 days until Christmas, and I'm in full swing holiday-mode already! :)

Check out some of the holiday items that are coming to Little Champ's Art very soon...
chicago blackhawks ornament

pet ornament

personalized pet ornament

personalized soccer ornament

personalized golf ornament

personalized basketball ornament

snowy chicago ornament
(please excuse the horrible quality of the last two photos - didn't get to edit them yet, but still wanted to share!)
Many more ornaments should be making their way into the shop over the next few weeks, so keep checking back. As always, custom orders are more than welcome - I really find it more enjoyable to create with someone in mind, rather than just making up samples. Its almost like a rush for me... is that weird?

I've been gathering information on several CRAFT SHOWS for the holiday season! OMG! I didn't think I'd be jumping into these until 2011, but look at me, will ya? Basically, I feel like maybe my items (mostly the letter blocks) just don't show well enough online. Who knows - maybe will some new photos they'll do better, too.

Well, just a quick photo sharing post - off to bed! Mama Champ and I are headed to IKEA tomorrow, and that requires a very good night's sleep.

Have a Champ-eriffic Week!


  1. I love the personalized ornaments! My mom had all sorts of personalized stuff on our tree. But nothing that cool! I like that you make them for both humans and fur-babies! :)

  2. thanks, tonya! :)

    of course i'd make them for pets, too - they deserve a spot on the tree just as much as anyone else. i want to make treat jars and such, but i haven't found any that are JUST right to me yet...