Treasury Fever!

Holy Guacamole - there was a lot of buzz about Treasuries on Etsy today! Yikes! But since all the drama has been corrected, I thought I'd share all those I'm associated with - yay for shameless self-promotion! ;)

For those of you who aren't fluent in Etsy (heck, even I'm not there... yet!), Treasuries are collections of 16 items that anyone can put together. The collections usually have some sort of common theme - be it color, style, holiday, or even just the creator's friends! They're really a great way to get to check out some shops you might not find otherwise!

So, here's the two treasuries I've created so far:
Peace Out, Baby!
Owl Be Seein' Ya!

And now, here's the treasuries that Little Champ's Art is featured in - this is the real exciting part. This means that these Etsians (Etsy users, but cooler sounding) thought that my items were special enough to be included in their very selective 16 items out of the thousands MILLIONS of items on Etsy.com! WOW!
Bright and Cheery
Little Girl's Room Redo - She's no longer a Baby
Beauties from the Etsy Goodies Blog

Okay... I'd love to write a novel here, and I'd love for it to be intriguing and exciting enough for you to actually read it, but that won't happen. So instead, I'm going to go watch Chuck, which is about the best show on TV anyways ;)

Have a Champ-tastic Night!

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