Welcome to my brand spankin' new blog! I'm hoping to be able to update on here fairly regularly, and here's what you can look forward to seeing:
  • what I've learned so far about crafting as a business - every single day I learn something new about how to promote, create and make my business successful. So far none of it has paid off ;) but it's still very early for me.
  • interviews and features on some of my crafty-minded friends and favorite sellers on Etsy.com. What better way to help yourself out when you're feeling down about your endeavor than to be reminded by someone else's passion for the same thing?
  • all about Little Champ's Art - new products, things that completely flop, new and exciting changes for the shop itself, and whatever other ramblings come to mind!
Please feel free to stop by and check out whats been happening in the crafty world of this little champ!

Have a Champ-tastic Day! :)



  1. WOW!!! Definitely bright!! Aloha was the perfect opening:) Looks great! I use my blog mainly for giveaways but here is the link. http://megscrochetjewels.blogspot.com/

  2. Tonya, The "T" in TotallyToTheT, is looking forward to your blog posts! :)

  3. Yeah, Meg. I though mine was bright. Champ here has me beat! Mine is pastel in comparison. But I do LOVE the colors, Champ. So bright and cheery!

  4. Thanks guys! :) You all know I love my bright colors - I wasn't kidding!

    I'm excited to get this going. Thanks so much for checking it out <3