Yup this is just a whiny little blurb, you're getting fair warning.

Headaches are evil. Pure, horrible, awful, unnecessary evil. Granted, they aren't as bad as migraines, but this one is fighting for that top spot.

This means I was hardly able to do anything productive for crafting tonight. It also means I'm not going in to work at the toystore tomorrow - and will be forcing myself to sleep/watch tv all day and not be around paint fumes that won't help my headache. :(
It will be torture to be home and NOT be painting. But health comes first, no matter what.

Headaches are just SO debilitating! You can't accomplish anything when you have a headache. You can't think, can't sleep, can't read very much, and certainly can't be creative.
Staring at the computer screen isn't great for me right now, but its certainly better than staring at my ceiling thinking about how much I wish I could sleep... haha

Oh well, tomorrow is a new day. A day I now have off to sleep and rest and take care of myself. Plus the next two days after that off for my weekend. Plenty of time to get things done AFTER resting tomorrow. Sure, pouting and whining doesn't accomplish anything or make the head hurt less, but in a weird way, it makes me feel better ;)

Hope you're having a Champ-tastic Weekend, everyone!

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