Still Alive...

Have no fear, loyal readers!  Your dear Little Champ has not deserted you so soon. I've just been a busy bee the past two days. Next week is when I roll my art out at a local toy store! Woo! Its a deal on consignment, so there's not a ton of pressure except from myself. Plus my dad owns the shop, so I'm getting a GREAT deal ;) gotta love family!

In order to get ready for this, I've had LOTS to do - including, but not limited to:
-designing a boy and girl name sample to display
-actually painting the samples
-will need to photograph them when they're finished
-creating custom order forms to use in the store
-figuring out how the blocks will be displayed in the store
-coming up with all the other paperwork-related things to get going on consignment

Its a LOT to do. It may not look like much there, but it is, trust me! In fact, I'm typing this with a paintbrush covered in blue paint sticking out of my mouth - talk about multitasking - blogging between coats of paint.

In other businessy related news, I got a book to read. Its called "The Handmade Marketplace" by Kari Chapin. I haven't gotten very far into it, but it seems very informational. Its pretty much repeating some of the things I've learned on Etsy.com and such, but something about having a hard copy of all this information is comforting. Actually, I got two books. But I'm returning "Crafty Superstar" by Grace Dobush. No offense to Grace, but this book just wasn't what I was looking for. There just isn't as much packed into the book as I wanted. Lots of photos and charts and illustrations - not that I have anything against any of these, of course!
Once I get through a good chunk of the book, I will definitely share my thoughts on it.
I bought the book with the intention of reading it while riding an exercise bike. Its a great theoretical situation - exercising to relieve stress and get in shape while still doing SOMETHING for Little Champ's Art... but I'm doubtful that it will happen. My butt is much too comfy planted in my computer chair or on the couch ;)

Okay, back to work!! I'm working on pulling together my first featured artist - so be sure to stay tuned for that! I'd love to do one on a regular basis, too. It was REALLY fun coming up with the questions and I can't wait to see what answers I get... plus I'm really nosy and this is a great fix haha

Have a Champ-tastic night, everyone! <3

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