Behind - the - Scenes!

Does everyone have their backstage passes? Good!

I thought I'd share a little peek at how the canvas wall blocks are created! Its really fun to look at the starting and ending points, because they're SO different! But first, here's a look at my "studio" which is really just a closet in our computer room that I took over ;)
Its not much to look at, but when I spin my chair around from my computer desk to work, I'm all business. Having a separate work area for crafts has really made a difference. When I first started Little Champ's Art (a whole two months ago - phew!) I was camped on the kitchen table and had to pack everything up when I was done painting. It was a pain. And 9 out of 10 times, I just left my mess for the cat to get into or for my boyfriend to roll his eyes about. This way I can just close the door and the mess is magically gone!

Okay, so here's step-by-step of how the canvas wall blocks transform from blank white squares to explosions of color and cuteness!

Now wasn't that fun?! I always get a kick out how crappy and uneven my letters look in the first step, and then I chunk them out and they're awesome. Yup, I'm being vain, but I'm proud of my work ;) I've also realized that until I get to the last step with outlining and highlighting, I'm convinced that the whole thing looks awful. 
At what point during your creative process do you have that "a-ha" moment when you realize that what you're attempting will actually work? Is it the last step, like me?

Stay tuned for Little Champ's FIRST EVER featured Etsy seller coming up soon! This is going to be a regular feature, so make sure you check back to see if you're featured!! :)

Have a Champ-tastic Lazy Sunday, everyone!! 


  1. I love that you are showing us the process... so neat to see it step by step!
    Can't wait till I have a little one and need a set of name blocks!!!!

  2. You just make it look so simple. 1-2-3...voila! You're stuff is so cute and I love how organized your space is.

  3. BooBooZoo - Thanks! I had fun stopping after each phase and taking photos. I'm shocked I didn't skip a step, because usually once I start going its hard to stop until I'm finished!

    And the blocks aren't just for kids! I can do them up with your last name, or any phrase (like the "family" or "love" blocks)
    **ending sales pitch now** hehe

    TheGoodOleDays - I wish is were that simple! But then again, it wouldn't be as fun to do, I guess. Thank you so much! <3
    ITs only organized because I cleaned it up for the photo... but shhh ;)